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On the Move sets the standard for the Social and Corporate catering. Our clients rave about our uncompromising quality, impeccable service, and unlimited capabilities

Flair and Innovation are blended with efficient organization for, functions & events. You will get impeccable quality and for social gatherings we offer complete catering services from planning the menu to the actual food service afterwards.

Our goal is to make this easy for you. Browse around our site and you will see how simple & fabulous we can make your event! If you have any questions, give us a call. We are happy to help.


Let us design a lighting package just for you.  Our Lighting Designer will create a lighting package that will make your wedding, company party or special event stunning! We take pride in using the best quality lighting equipment, and surpassing your expectations in customer service.


Brian Angelo is a full Design Decorating Service, Event & Wedding planner and Costume Designer. Brian with his professional, experienced and diversity will work closely with you to maximize the achievement of your goals.

Creating exceptional events is a Brian Angelo signature, which includes Grand Opening for any Event Ceremony, Product Launch, Weddings, Parties, Black-Tie Galas, Anniversaries, Costume Designs, and Holiday Decor.

Regardless of what we do for your event.......You will always be the shining star. We have quietly orchestrated events for clients and always come out as the star of the show.









I had the pleasure of working with Brian Chin in 2006, where he planned and executed my wedding. I envisaged a wedding event that I was in control of, and where I did not need to heed any of the standard conventions, as such, I had groomsmen, had no bridesmaids, included the most energetic children as bearers, all held on a re-designed Pier.

Brian and his team understood exactly what we wanted and made it happen to perfection. He made the transition from ground based Pier ceremony, to Boat based reception extremely easy and smooth, with guests enjoying each moment without any hassle.

The reception vessel was transformed into a floating hotel of sorts, with the most beautiful décor, but with a workable flow that made it easy for persons on each floor to feel a part of the event.

I unhesitatingly recommend Brian and his team for any format of event, as his flair transcends into the design and staging of each even as if it was his own.


Nicole Dyer Griffith



Hi Brian,
Just wanted to say thank you for a fabulous wedding reception.I loved the way the white cloth was draped to fall around our picture at the entrance.I was blown away by the decorations inside,gorgeous back drop and I loved my center pieces and the the plants were placed beautifully with the lighting, every one loved it.Beautiful,Beautiful work.I am really happy your were apart of our wedding.
Thank you very much again and I hope you have a blessed Christmas and a Bright and Prosperous New Year.

Susan and Renee


Brian and his associates did the decoration for our wedding at Salybia Beach Resort Trinidad in August of 2005. I was a very fussy bride and was in the beginning skeptical when he suggested a fish design for our table runners. I have to say however that Brian knows his stuff and is patient when you turn Bridezilla on him. What I was skeptical about turned out to be the perfect setting of our wedding. Right down to the funky Palm trees Yes Palm trees. The manager of the resort was so impressed by the design that we caught the staff taking pictures of everything so that they could copy it. I don't blame them I had some friends who wanted to copy it for their wedding!
From the head table design to the Calla Lilies at the perfect height on the tables it was gorgeous and we still receive complements on the location and decoration to this day!
My husband and I thank you for your patience and professional manner Brian.

Robert and Janelle Kong



I found out about Brian some may say by pure accident, but I call it fate. I was in a runt and needed someone who could handle the job. Brian was my guy. Up to the day before the event I was calling him for additional favours and on the day of the event all we got were excellent reviews. I would use his company again, as trini's say it " in a blink of ah eye". Many thanks to Brian and his team for a job well done. 
Mercedes Gabriel, Trinidad



To my team-members,

First of all, I wish to thank you all for your assistance at Santa Rosa, on 1st September, there are no words that can describe how appreciative i am to have you all there to help me pull a successful day. The support i receive was as solid as a rock. The turnout was unbelievable, and having you present at my side on one of my toughest days, is truly a blessing.

So to a great Job to all and thank you once again. Of course we, (Corporate Communications & Marketing Department) look forward to your services next year.
Jenny Chai 
Administrative Assistant 
Corporate Communication & Marketing Department 



UAES Convention with guests from Aruba to Cuba. Brian came highly recommended (having worked on the Sales Convention last year) and within hours I could see why. Brian and his team transformed a drab dining hall to a place full of colour and vibrant beauty. The site was adorned with lit plants, colourful spandex pennants and fountains. Simply working with our Sales Convention logo the décor reflected our theme and the key elements of our convention - vitality, teamwork, celebration and success. Not only did he work within our moderate budget and limited time but he did so wit
I had the pleasure of working with Brian in preparation for Caribbean Limited Sales Convention. This event was to mark our closing ceremony and awards function for our annual sales convention with guests from Aruba to Cuba. Brian came highly recommended (having worked on the Sales Convention last year) and within hours I could see why. Brian and his team transformed a drab dining hall to a place full of colour and vibrant beauty. The site was adorned with lit plants, colourful spandex pennants and fountains. Simply working with our Sales Convention logo the décor reflected our theme and the key elements of our convention - vitality, teamwork, celebration and success. Not only did he work within our moderate budget and limited time but he did so with an engaging and fun personality. Even at the last hour he was willing to go the extra mile to fulfil some additional and unexpected needs.

Thank you Brian for making our Sales Convention a success and I look forward to working with you again!

Thais Mc Gowan



I was delighted with Brian’s service from beginning to end.  From the
moment I had my first meeting with him to discuss my ideas for my wedding
reception theme, he understood what I wanted and his own ideas brought
everything to fruition.  His bubbly personality made it more pleasure than
business, and immediately I knew I could trust in his creativity and his
ability to guide me while incorporating what I wanted into the theme.  He
took such interest and was as excited as I was about bringing the theme
together, that it took the stress off of me.  He ran everything by me for
approval, well almost everything: he did tell me he would surprise me with
one of the decorations, and although he hinted at what it was, I am glad I
trusted him, his taste was impeccable, and the end result astounded me.  I
remember walking into the room the day of my reception and, despite the
celebratory noise of my 150 guests, took a few moments for myself, looked
around and was absolutely thrilled with how Brian brought out the magic. 
I heard so many compliments on the décor that day, and even up to now,
almost a year since, my reminiscing guests comment on the reception and
how perfect everything was, and believe me they remember details.  I have
called Brian’s name numerous times since that day because of the number of
people that asked me who was responsible for the décor.  I couldn’t have
made a better choice than Brian in creating a beautiful and memorable
wedding day.

Aruna Marahaj

Dear Brian,



We are writing this letter concerning our wedding on August 23rd, 2008. 

We are proud to report that your arrangements for our wedding and reception were received overwhelmingly with praise.  The reception hall at the La Vida room was truly something from a Hollywood movie.  Due to your meticulous detail and keen eye for color and arrangement, the preliminary pictures we have received have been extraordinary. 

We cannot thank you enough for your time and effort in helping us celebrate our great day.  It is with a certain sense of regret that we have not been able to meet with you in person to fully express our gratitude.

We still wish to meet at some time in the future.  However in the mean time here is a picture our wedding.  Notice that your decorations were the canvas from which we painted our beautiful day.

Thank you for everything and don't be a stranger.


Tom and Clara Clark 



I first met Wedding Coordinator, Brian Chin online.  There I saw all his work and was truly impressed and my mind was made up that he would be the best man for the job.  My husband and I departed from Baltimore, Maryland and arrived into Port Of Spain, Trinidad on October 1, 2005 to meet with Mr. Chin to finalize our wedding planning.  He has a wonderful personality and a pleasant individual to deal with. 

Our wedding was on Sunday, May, 7, 2006, 3:00 p.m. at Pier One, Williams Bay, Chaguramas, Trinidad, West Indies.  Brian decorated the ceremony beautifully which was located by the pool side. Following the ceremony, the reception was inside the facility.  When you walked in, it was like a fairytale.  When my husband and I walked up the stairs, it was breathtaking.  Brian made me a queen for the day. I would recommend Brian Chin to anyone wishing to have a memorable experience.   

Mrs. Modestia L. Lashley



What a pleasure it has been to work with Brian!  Brian has assisted our company, The Travel Centre Limited, with a variety of creative opportunities; themed decorations for a corporate dinner event, travel displays at our local banks, and trade show booth displays.  On every occasion, Brian has pleased us with his creative talent, wrapped always with a happy smile and an obvious love for his work.  We have always been pleased with his service, and would not hesitate to recommend Brian to anyone who needs him! 

Melanie Waddell 
Executive Director 


Thank you for your professional, amicable and generous approach to what is obviously your God-given talent.  You certainly went above and beyond our expectations, and the entire room came 'alive'.  Meeting all of the bride's expectations (and more) made it so easy to work with you both, and I look forward to having you on my 'team' for the next wedding.  Remember I have 4 more weddings to go!!!
I  have also passed on your business card to some of my clients, as I recommend your work without hesitation.
Thank you again for a 'job well done'.

God bless,
Angie Najjar



Brian Chin is truly a rare find. His unique creativity is balanced with years of practical experience and fired by passion in the truest sense of the word - he truly loves what he does and he genuinely cares about how his client responds. He wants you to love what he does for you so he tries that little bit harder. Brian decorated the venue for my wedding reception and his work was so magical that I couldn't believe that it was well within budget."

God bless,

Robin and Diane Kirkley.



Five minutes after meeting Brian, we knew that he would be the perfect person to plan our wedding. We had interviewed three other potential wedding planners, but they paled in comparison to his personality, charm, professionalism and style.

He planned our wedding step by step with us in every detail including the choice of colour-scheme! He quickly dispensed with our idea for the colours (which, looking back now would have looked awful) and made suggestions which we ended up using and boy are we happy we did, because the effect was stunning.

We live in the UK and got married in Trinidad. We relied heavily on Brian to sort everything out. We got the dress, suit and rings, and Brian did everything else.

Our wedding day was absolutely perfect! The transformation of the Teak and Olive room at Pier 1 was unbelievable! It was absolutely beautiful. The flowers were gorgeous and complemented our bridal party beautifully. They were fresh and delivered to us by Brian himself just hours before the ceremony. There wasn’t a single doubt in our minds that Brian wouldn’t come through, but he still exceeded our expectations in every way.

Our cake was spectacular and we got compliments from all our guests. Our friends and family from the UK were particularly impressed and enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

We cannot recommend Brian enough. The combination of his innate style, vast experience and many contacts makes for the perfect day.

Gail & Graeme Prothero








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